TEST Annual Excellence Ceremony

Within the human resources concerns of its employees and under the auspices and presence of the CEO Mr. Othman Al-Zahrani, the company presented its annual program to honor its employees, and the open day meeting continued for several hours, dealing with several axes, the most important of which are:

  • View the year’s successes and the team’s accomplishments.
  • Introduce the next five-year strategies and inform employees of the company's vision.
  • Honoring the company’s men who contributed to distinguished initiatives and achieved exceptional goals.

The program addressed an entertaining party for employees aimed at strengthening the meanings of the work team and systematic work, and this annual occasion comes to emphasize the company's keenness on its men and give a fair opportunity to all employees to provide quality initiatives that contribute to the development of the company and achieve strategic goals.


Among the goals that were achieved thanks to God:

  • Obtaining international accreditation as Inspection Body 17020 from EIAC
  • Automate operations in the company.
  • Preparing an electronic software for the company for inspection operations that deals with the process in all its stages.
  • The program to attract and train Saudis.

TEST is Aramco approved company, working with it with a direct contract to inspect the equipment onshore and offshore, TEST is a 100% Saudi company and competes with international companies in this field.