Course Goals

Trainees will learn about the forklift's functional features and capabilities.

Our courses will teach trainees how to operate a forklift in a safe and efficient manner.

This forklift truck safety training program is intended for counterbalanced, sit-down, and rider lift truck operators of any brand. The course is appropriate for all operators because it emphasizes the significance of proper forklift safety and handling techniques.

Course Target

Any person of legal age, logistics or warehouse personnel who is required to operate a forklift as part of their job.

Course Outline

The course focuses on these requirements:

  • Lift truck fundamentals in general.
  • Stability, balance, and capacity principles.
  • The pre-operational examination.
  • Safety guidelines for operating forklifts.
  • Techniques for safe load handling.
  • Providing fuel for internal combustion powered lift trucks.
  • Charging and replacing industrial batteries in electric trucks.

Forklift Operator Training Course
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